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I set my apperception to something About Runescape


Once I set my apperception to help something, I aim to obtain it no amount how continued it may well yield and I accept abounding intentions to accomplish every endure affair about this threadsell rs account.


Item Goals:


Drygore Maces

Drygore Rapiers

Drygore Longswords

Noxious Longbow

Noxious Scythe

Noxious Staff

Ascension Crossbows

Seismic Wand/Singularity

Full Tectonic

Full Tempest

Full Teralith

Full Primeval

Full Malevolent

Full Achto

Santa Hat

Red H'ween

Blue H'ween

Red Partyhat

White Partyhat

Blue Partyhat

Boss Goals:

1000 Corp Kills

1000 Bandos Kills

1000 Saradomin Kills

1000 Aramdyl Kills

1000 Zamarok Kills

1000 Nex Kills

1000 QBD Kills

500 Araxxor Kills

100 Vorago Kills

Misc Goals

5k Hard clues

2k Elite Clues.


Publish Time:Friday, February 19, 2016

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