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RuneScape Founders To Design 15th Anniversary Conten

RUNESCAPE is a MMORPG game, highly respected tradition, so for its 15th anniversary celebration in 2016, its two founders will return to design a special "Gower Quest" fans.
15th anniversary of the RUNESCAPE content lineup also recently introduced, and among confirmed the exciting features is a new game client technology "in development, will take the visual effects in RuneScape
On loyalty to God of War story to a new level "and four finalists task.

Fantasy online role-playing will also usher in a new skill called invention, allows gamers to personalize weapons and armor, and even turn them into more technologically advanced gear.

The RUNESCAPE 15 anniversary logo has also been unveiled. It shows the browser online games, "fifteen years" shield badge and a bunch of stunning works of art has been made in the history of the game's iconic "R" logo.

Then, in the 15th anniversary of the construction of high-grade ore, players can look forward to an extraordinary 2016, they can explore the new continent called Zeah old school RUNESCAPE launched three parts.

Fans will also be able to witness chronicle multi-platform launch, and watch the premiere feature documentary.

For e-sports fans, a high-risk game, it uses a new model will be dead at the end of March 2016.

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"In order to achieve this incredible milestone 15th anniversary, is amazing everyone in RuneScape, especially as it continues to experience the players a fantastic recovery," Phil Mansell, vice president, RUNESCAPE as 15 reveal part of that anniversary.

"Next year will be another major step forward in RUNESCAPE franchises to exciting new features, technology, even across multiple platforms of new games - 2016 will be a year to remember."

Publish Time:Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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