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Runescape Value Hunter Bonus Chests dual or triple prizes

Get your hands about the almighty Bonus Chests which may have returned to Treasure Hunter - this time with either double or maybe triple prizes. Also, open Treasure Hunter and claim your first Advantage Chest, containing 3 yellow prismatic bulbs, for free! Rs 3 Gold
This promotion will manage from 00: 00 UTC on 19th May until 23: 59 UTC on 23rd May perhaps.
How does it work?
The idea is basic but powerful. Open chests with your keys according to usual. As you do consequently, you will be adding charge with a Bonus Chest. When a Bonus Upper body has 5 charges, you will be capable of see what is from it. If you want it is prize, open it by draining the charges. Alternatively, keep building charges unless you find a Bonus Chest that you do want to available.
Remember - all benefits inside this promotion’s Bonus Chests will be either doubled or tripled.
Bonus Chests Gems
Please note - should you receive a “unique” item like a bonus chest prize it is not doubled or tripled, therefore its cash value will likely be given as the minute and/or 3rd prize(azines).
To get you started, your first bonus chest provides you with 3 yellow prismatic lamps free of charge, without requiring charges. Get the most using this superb offer and appreciate!

Publish Time:Friday, May 20, 2016

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