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Runescape is probably one of gamings longest lasting online games to date

DarkScape is a variant RUNESCAPE of 16 September 2015 announced that it is the main RUNESCAPE the code fork as of late May 2015, it features an open PvP environment. There is no "safe zone." In addition, only the traditional model of battle; everyone starts fighting Level 3; in RUNESCAPE schedule does not affect DarkScape. All content is available to both free-to-play and pay-to-play players; however, members have access to free-to-play behavior than all the players (including one-off kind of task incentives) more than 50% of the experience, Space double bank and keep a project when dying [1]. Treasure hunters use other functions will be disabled ,rs 07 accounts .

In the final stage, Jagex hopes that this is the new, high-risk, high-return economy will promote a new way to play the game. Players can form a family, where those who are good at fighting to protect a group of players who are good at digging, and they collected valuable resource. Others can, because they travel from one exchange to another big act as bodyguards to protect investors. "We found this morning, spawning sites have been constantly full of people just to murder each other, so we are currently dealing with this issue," DarkScape senior producer Conor Crowley said motherboard.

I found my old coal spot and ... it is empty. Tin and copper with a couple of guys mining. There is also a point further west, according to the map, fortunately, full of coal. Maybe I was wrong. It does not surprise me; I remember the game is still foggy. Another miner already here, some kind of pet animals named coal. We Mithril and coal with rock; both seem out of our league in gold. For some time, we in unison hammer leave. I checked my progress. Not so fast. Click on the skills I found, mining guild admission requirements are now 60 or has it always been? Of course not; I remember Edgar Ray speak, after all.

DarkScape now open, playable free! This new game takes place in experimental RuneScape, invested in chaos, to give you a strong blow and merciless trade war discretionary. RUNESCAPE manufacturer Jagex Games Studio today launched DarkScape, a player on the player (PVP) Sandbox MMO set "elusive, alternate game world," according to Jagex. DarkScape is free-to-play, including areas normally reserved in Gielinor RuneScape members. "With DarkScape, we are trying something new and exciting at the same time rich content and basic rules of RuneScape changing, creating a new experience -something impossible RUNESCAPE itself."

The new server is completely free-to-play. Players will have access to all the content for free. The difference is that subscribers get XP faster 50%, with double the space of the bank, and get the second item to keep on death. Otherwise, it is a hardcore, full loot, teleportation strict restrictions on the open PvP server. It is divided into different zones of low, medium and high risk categories. Each region has its own separate bank players and their economy. In the RuneScape game may be the longest by far one of the online game. The old world of developers now plan to inject new life with DarkScape. DarkScape take RUNESCAPE world players know, and trigger the system into full and complete chaos and a completely open world PVP.

With DarkScape, we are trying something new and exciting at the same time rich content and basic rules changing RuneScape, creating a new experience -something impossible RUNESCAPE itself. "To undertake the development of the new world in RuneScape's a PvP rules of the game is supreme, it has proven to be very exciting. We spend time looking for a way to get DarkScape to the hands of players, as soon as possible, so the game is released today It is very much the first step of the experiment. That is, it will continue to develop and further develop players based on how to explore a deadly MMO experience our fresh take! "

Publish Time:Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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