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Runscape Gower Journey Trailer GoalsForGains Weekly Bargains

RuneScape’s original creators, the Gower brothers, have co-designed a special quest that drops afterwards this month. Watch the trailer above and you'll find cabbagemancing chaos!
#GoalsForGains | Win Account Whilst Watching the Footballing!
To celebrate the kick-off with this summer’s footie we’ll be offering codes, each worth a week’s account, for every goal that goes in, using #GoalsForGains!
Make sure you’re following a RuneScape Twitter account since the scores come in along with the codes are tweeted away. It’ll be first-come, first-served, so make sure you’re on your ball! Search #GoalsForGains on Twitter for all the posts. Good luck!
Redeem your code via the website - please note a login is needed to do this.
Developer Q&A | Month Ahead & Gower Search Preview
Still have an urge for food for more Gower Pursuit info? (even though it could taste like cabbage)
Check out the latest developer Q&A session exactly where Mod Osborne, Mod Jack and Mod Daze join Mod Shauny for just a good old look at what’s to come.
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Publish Time:Monday, June 13, 2016

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