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The first batch of Zeah, Great Kourend, is set to come to Old School

Every year in January and the 7th of development, now under way. Later, you'll see more and more close to the new release date of the continent. Now is the time for you to buy RS 2007 years gold cheap RSorder early in 2007 in preparation for the big update RuneScape is no doubt that the old school players will explore a lot of the new stuff Zeah release old classmates. Now you can read this article to learn more about the upcoming continent.
Zeah by the five cities
1. Port Roberts (town large platform, providing trade and trade routes).
2. Civitas Sevilla Fortis (discipline, fighting, honor and rule the Roman Empire theme).
3. Large Kourend (five families with the last king of the Kingdom).
4. Keruulm (an ancient city, located dormant volcano).
5. Paradigm Exodus (a huge underground city is one of the most powerful destructive biological family Gielinor).


More details coming Zeah
Blood and soul of the altar will take Runecrafting skills.
No task of the first Zeah.
You will need at 2K + total access to it and only 2K + explore.
An awesome boss - RAID Dungeon will come Zeah 2 batches.
Zeah version of the part is Tasaakaal, this is a new species, can be assigned the task of Slayer.

Sailing will repolled of Zeah
Old school team to repoll sailing, as they say Q & A. They need to specify how the future of work incentives and technical personnel will be polled as well. So, you want to see the old school. Maybe they want you to enter Zeah sailboat. Do you think they should release the sailboat? Of course, this depends on the old school players, to decide whether to increase the old sailing school. Regardless of the outcome, you should make sure to prepare for the new continent as soon as possible.

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Great Kourend in the old school in January 7 available, you will encounter many new challenges in this new continent. It is wise for you to prepare sufficiently in advance RS 2007 years of gold, to ensure you can make the greatest Kourend of. RSorder have enough gold to sell RS 07's. The good news is that you can quickly enjoy double the 5% discount RSorder, so be sure to size the opportunity to buy the cheapest 2007 RS gold in our website.

Publish Time:Friday, December 18, 2015

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