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Vis Wax and Many Uses

Vis wax is marvellous stuff, which has a number of unique uses.

Click on the vis wax inside your inventory and you'll have either three functions:


Extend the duration on most auras by 50 or 100%. One extension per cooldown period.
The Wisdom and Jack of Trades auras (all tiers) cannot be extended, but their cooldown might be reset once each day for any second activation.
The Festive, Enlightenment, Daemonheim, Oddball, and all sorts of other cosmetic auras will not be troubled by vis wax.

Reroll daily challenges from the contests interface. You may be offered an alternate within a skill different to the first, or you'll be able to follow whatever you had. Each challenge are only able to be rerolled once.
Some challenges can be extended - doubling the action meant for twice the reward. Remember that don't assume all challenge is eligible for this.


Publish Time:Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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