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2014 Halloween event

Death's Door is the 2014 Hallowe'en event. Players hunt spooky ghosts in Death's mansion and get a variety of rewards, including Ghost hunter equipment, a new Firemaking and Prayer ability, along with titles, emotes and experience.

In addition to the event, a permanent Hallowe'en themed quest, Broken Home was also released on the following week. Completing the quest provides small bonuses in the event; namely increased damage and ghosts and decreased reward cost.Start the event by heading to the Burthorpe lodestone and speaking to Muncher, Death's pet skeleton hellhound. After briefly attempting to understand his barks, you will discover that Death's house has been invaded by ghosts. Ask him to take you there, and upon arrival you will see Death.

Talk to him, and he will explain that Melzar the Mad has attacked his house in order to try and control his domain and resurrect the dead of Crandor. Melzar is attacking the mansion using an army of Crandorian ghosts, which Death would like you to remove using the Proto pack; a powerful ghost-busting weapon developed by a friend of his.

Prifddinas (pronounced prive-thee-nuss) is directly translated from the Welsh word for capital, and is the greatest city of the elves, located just north of Isafdar, and is the capital of Tirannwn. It is made entirely of crystal, and is the oldest surviving settlement in Gielinor, having been created in the First Age. The Plague's End quest is required for access to the city, as prior to the quest, it had been entirely reverted to its crystal seed form as an indirect result of the Elven Civil War. Only half of it is currently accessible, as it is still regrowing; the second half of the city is due for release in November.It is described by Jagex as being a "high-level Varrock", as well as a skilling hub, and as such contains a number of skilling locations and other features, some of which are the best in the game. It also contains a Grand Exchange and many other features that make it a prime hub for all players that have access.

The first time players approach Prifddinas they will find seven of the clan leaders lining the path, and Arianwyn waiting at the city gate. Upon speaking to Arianwyn, players will be shown a cutscene of the Tower of Voices growing and elves of clans going about their daily business.

Publish Time:Friday, October 31, 2014

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