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A lot of lives lost. Check out the player death stats for the other day!

In case your computer freezes, this would mean either your computer looks her age, otherwise you have no idea of tips on how to properly take care of your computer. A lot of tech kids who got high-end PCs built by their dads. The client has become extra prone to freezing since a month ago, and it's really not really due to old or overused components. Unfortunately when you bring this subject up, the many 12 year olds emerge saying "a great PC". It truly is sad.although my computer is really a new model from this past year but i dont really scan my computer for virus that often but i believe my desktop got messed from the power outages several times it didnt turn off and something time that it didnt first turn on.

Just an observation on my end, since i have still use XP, the client seems mostly hostile near the Grand Exchange. So far as Let me tell, the spot of effect (no pun intended) is as far because Air Alter to the West and also the Varrock Saradomin Church around the East. As much as North and South go, I've no clue. One other thing to add perhaps there is seems to be a "2 strike" thing on XP while using client. In certain areas the game will freeze. To remedy, go from Maximize to windowed to maximized again. This will likely help keep you going before the code error happens again and closes your client completely.

Sure there can also be somebody said that their computer has started to freeze again for no no reason and dc'ing. It did it when they were in gwd plus they were mid battle. It is not old or slow. This has only been happening the final two weeks. Game freezes for a couple friends too, or logs them out. RS still has issues!

Publish Time:Monday, May 25, 2015

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