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Are there questions for our GamesBlast J Mods

"Well then , i'll against these stupid votes that happen to be wrecking this adventure again.so seriously,forsake pretermit UN necessary items that doesn't have to acquire changed,like  gameplay in combat,don't eoc,no longer silly do you need every part,you will want to remove non use mini game's like flush fingers,pest elimination and use the area to aid the  servers run more freely.The reason behind changing the format,as eoc and to any extent further gameplay change again,in truth many players do not know whatever they choose and  believe you change rs3 again is disruptive for some pc users."said having a player of rs.As all everybody knows,it's among the problem that GamesBlast J Mods brought.buy runescape gold

For you remain various other problmes existed:

"1. Do you please poll a clan/citadel rework? Mod matthe has let me know about the coding and work involved but im sure and this the gamers want.

2. Could you allow players to provide the main holiday items if their account existed if the event happened? I dont want an imitation item cause I worked with the  event to pay for my bills."

Course,Many people believe that the update is beautiful but it is slightly bright but we don't find ,best wishes,jagex !I quite like Runescape 3 much,farmville is fantastic!

Publish Time:Tuesday, June 02, 2015

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