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Behind the Scenes – June 2015


Tuska is here now, flying towards Gielinor having a toothy, evil grin on her behalf face, hell-bent  on the destruction of other foods!

Sign up now – pick your god and earn tasty rewards like the World Eater armour  as you attempt to save RuneScape. There's plenty to try and do these days event, so ensure you explore her back since you hurtle through space. It isn't really to get missed!

Check last week's Behind the curtain video along with the Tuska World Event news post to read more.
Slayer Belt

The slayer belt project was among first RuneLabs successes, suggested because of the fabulous  Dragonsseed.

It becomes an addition towards the existing tool belt, with 12 circumstances to complement allow you to on your  slaying escapades. Will no longer are you gonna be forgetting your slayer items, with essentials  such as rock hammers, slayer bells - plus more - being combined with the belt.

You can also have the ability to spend slayer points on adding your bonecrusher, charming imp  and also other useful circumstances to the belt, helping you save precious inventory space.

Publish Time:Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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