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Buy 3 OSRS Fire Capes and acquire 1 at no cost

Wanna a Jad Pet in Old School Runescape? Fed up with Jad killing or have troubles in fighting Jad? Avoid being frustrated! Now, buy three RS 07 fire capes on us, you'll be able to acquire an additional one cape for free, and a chance to obtain a free Jad Pet. Free fire cape and Jad Pet are awaiting you!

Learn to get one free fire cape in addition to a chance at Jad Pet
Currently, anyone who buys three Runescape 2007 fire capes ONCE on us is able to get another fire cape for free, and a opportunity to obtain a Jad Pet to get reckoned with. Nonetheless they should obey this rules:

1. The game is merely valid with the selected fire cape on us, as below:

Fire cape requiring 70+ranged, 40+defense, 43+prayer, 50+hit points

Fire cape requiring 70+ranged, 1+defense, 43+prayer, 50+hit points

Fire cape requiring 60+ranged, 40+defense, 43+prayer, 50+hit points

2. The who purchase over three OSRS fire capes ONCE on our web could possibly get one fire cape gratis. Note those three fire capes you purchase have to be identical kind chosen in the three kinds, and must be purchased by one account.

3. If your Jad Pet drops after we deal with your order, it will eventually belong you.

4. After your order for three fire capes is paid successfully, the free you'll be completed because order does.

5. The activity ends on August 16, 2015 at 03:00 AM GMT.

Something important have to be mind
If you buy runescape 2007 fire cape on our web, you will find important you ought to bear in mind:

1. Never visit your OSRS account bankruptcy lawyer las vegas order is it being addressed. We are going to show you as soon as your order is complete.

2. Ample supplies, like potions, bolts etc, and Bank Pin are required to make you get more than three fire capes.

3. over the event, considerably more people place order for cheap RS 2007 fire cape on us so that some orders may be delayed quite some time. Be patient to attend. And really interesting understanding.

Free fire cape and Jad Pet will probably be granted for your requirements as long as you buy over three fire cape on us. The experience is time-limited, so never let Jad Pet and free fire cape go! Additionally, 19th Flash Sale with free 07 Runescape fire capes will hit the shelves. Stay tuned!


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