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Design an Emote-Quick Poll2

Idea: RuneScape Throughout the Ages
Overview: An emote to exhibit how RuneScape has progressed over time.
Description: The gamer walks up to a giant longcase clock, investigating it briefly.

The participant then looks around and knocks apparently making the doorway fly open. From the inside from the clock mini versions of old random events climb out: discontinued content and Old School items. Every one of the items span RuneScape's life, from starting to now.

Those items are scattered on the floor all about you. After most items have fallen out from the clock the hands spin round and suck every item back along with the clock falls back and disappears.

Idea: Gymnastics
Overview: An extraordinary acrobatic, tumbling emote.
Description: It comes down to a spin. Then the jump.Followed by a tumble.And ultimately a double flip that has a 1/2 twist, and also a typical gymnastics landing, detailed with bow.

Idea: Lute Smash
Overview: Smashing up a lute, stone style.
Description: You sees a lute and plays it for 2 seconds.

Although this is happening a rock crab walks past and settles down when in front of them. When done playing, they smash the lute around the rock crab, splintering it and making sparks fly, within the style of old rock bands.

Idea: 'Old Skool' Dancing
Overview: The player busts some 'old skool' dance moves.
Description: The gamer begins with the running man, then moonwalks away a number of tiles. You then drops into your worm and travels to their starting position before bouncing clog on to their feet.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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