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Whrox is hosting a Battle in the Gods event which has a 250 million GP prize pot, which relies on a 7th and 8th of June.

There’s too much info online to take in, so go to their thread for the RuneScape forums.buy runescape gold

The household Unity Network are rear and have absolutely numerous events it is possible to engage in. While using the amount of events they host, there in fact is something for anyone. Pop into their thread and look.

This Weekend's Streams: 29th-31st May

we’re presenting to you more Saber Six, introducing the wonderfully named MunclesOnkey, and - oh dear - Mod Dean remains shouting for the screen on his Route to Drygores.

Friday 9pm BST

Saber Six has grown a normal within the official channel because of her excellent taste in hats - not forgetting her excellent 'Scape skills. She’ll be streaming Old School Runescape in a free-to-play environment first, so that it really should be very busy.

Saturday 9pm BST

MunclesOnkey will be boss killing before your very eyes. Pay attention on Saturday and enjoy the mayhem.

Sunday 9pm BST

Roll-up, roll up! Watch a JMod completely snap! Yes, Mod Dean is back together with his weekly holiday to the official channe

Publish Time:Thursday, April 30, 2015

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