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Evolution of Combat opinions

Evolution of Combat opinions

I'm here to start a thred and the pros and cons of the new EOC. Personally... I hate it. I'm making this thread in an attempt to change it back or create servers that do not have the EOC attachment. Hey, it happened with the Wilderness, it could happen with this. Now I want to get rid of it because I believe it takes away our essence of individuality as a game. With the new adrenaline bars and what not, we look like a sorry excuse for world of warcraft, and not the infamous RuneScape. Now many people have asked me why I don't just be quiet and play on Old School RS. Well I don't like the idea of my almost 8 year old account losing every single item again and having to work all the way back up from scratch. So my request is to you, Jagex, to create a poll, and put down the options: Keep EOC the same; Create servers that do not have EOC; Allow for the transferring of materials, skills, quests, etc. to Old School RS; or completely get rid of EOC. See where you're standing and I think you'd be surprised on what community wants.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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