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Fate with the gods3

Absolutely phenomenal Quest! Graphics, music, lore, it's got everthing! Combat wise it was an excellent challenge agreeing to all 4 Nihils to find the Annihilator title without Ovls and max gear, and battling the Muspah and Mah was actually difficult before i realized damages boost you get from Ancients. Also exploring Freneskae was incredibly rewarding, and because place am hazardous it kept me around the fringe of my seat constantly. Rewards were generous, though which i didn't care much for, since the quest itself was this experience!
Thank you Runescape team due to this absolutely amazing quest and addition for the lore, may seem like you have better and better at making quests and characters.

You will find, Zaros WAS all i hoped for, and better. I really hope to find out content like this in the future, i put all my faith in you.

I'll sleep together when i finish marahjatt memories mini quest which can be leaving with time for you to do after work every night. Its longer then any quest which I dont realize why it really is known as a mini quest

It was an awesome quest! Loved the many lore, the witty comments were funny, especially loved the mention of the Monty Python and also the Holy Grail. The battles were challenging yet do-able, although I discovered myself fighting top tiered armor and weaponry, but Used to it! Rrt had been great to view Zaros. To begin with I was on the fence about whether I'd support him or otherwise not, but they are very convincing! I found themselves supporting him completely.

I did not practice it because it's really a grandmaster quest with crazy level requirements. I wish you guys would reduce on pushing out insurmountable new game content and develop finishing the graphics updates. Fire giants for starters might use a reboot. Or maybe some non degradable one handed melee weapons differently the abyssal whip (or whip vine). I've had a similar weapon for like four years.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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