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Free game changes in Runescape

Lately there are some updates in the game Runescape. Shields are great if you're playing it safe, but if you're looking to kick out maximum damage, you should be willing to get both hands dirty. The latest batch of Evolution of Combat updates is themed around this simple premise.

First up, Both dual wielding and two-handed damage to bring them onto a level plane have been rebalanced. Whether you're a dual-dagger dervish or a maul-wielding marauder, you should be doing around 150% of the base damage you'd be doing with an equivalent one-handed weapon and shield. This means that both styles are equally valid ways of pumping out damage, leaving the choice down to your tactical needs and personal preference.

They’ve also implemented full dual-wielding capabilities for magic users, meaning that you can now auto-cast a different spell from each hand: just right-click the spell's icon to find the option. Have fun coming up with cruel cocktails of Ancient spells to blast and debilitate your foes! You can also wield magic-oriented weapons alongside cross-class weapons. You could wield a crossbow and a book, a wand and an off-hand sword, or any other combination you can come up with.

Alongside the above changes, they've also switched the degrade system for the Player-Owned Ports armor sets to the one used for the armor sets available from Nex rs gold. Your top-end armor will now last much longer in battle.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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