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Get runescape gold in some Varrock inn

Runescape gold Varrock and the surrounding area have four bars. Most Varrockian bars sell only beer, but the Rat Pit Bar also sells stew.

The Blue Moon Inn is a very popular bar in Varrock. One-Eyed Hector once stayed at the inn. Players can find a couple of NPCs here besides the bartender, which include an unnamed Barbarian Woman, the ex-vampire slayer master Dr. Harlow, a very drunk man (who plays a part in the F2P quest Vampire Slayer), A Tramp in the back room of the store, and the fat Johnny the Beard (who drops the Intel Report, used for Shield of Arrav). During Garden of Tranquility, you discover that the Queen of Varrock once worked in the Blue Moon Inn as a barmaid.

Prior to the release of Runescape 2, The Blue Moon Inn was a popular party spot for mid- to high-leveled Runescape players. In fact, one could usually find a party there every night. This practice continued for a couple years into Runescape 2, situated in worlds 1 and 3, but has since then died out.

The Dancing Donkey Inn is unknown to most of Varrock because it is in the corner of the city where only members may buy goods. Unlike the Blue Moon Inn, it does not double as a hotel. While there, players may stumble upon the three drunken NPCs here: Hops, too drunken to speak; Da Vinci, who hates non-members; and Chancy, who loves to gamble.

The Jolly Boar Inn is actually outside the Varrock city walls, but is still considered a Varrockian bar because it is within the vicinity. Like the Blue Moon Inn, the Jolly Boar doubles as a hotel, and there is an occupant for a room, the very tired Johnathon (part of the Family Crest Quest). There are many NPCs here, one woman, two men, and a Black Knight, though none of them are drunk. Also prior to the release of Runescape 2 (and in its early stages), Dr. Harlow could be found at The Jolly Boar Inn rather than the Blue Moon Inn.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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