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Go to RuneFest Free with Bonds

Takes place in-game wealth to come to RuneFest - the RuneScape event of the year - without cost!

RuneScape Bonds is now redeemed to obtain RuneFest tickets, hotel accommodation, Zemomarks (spending currency) – even flights for the UK.

Tips on how to Pay with Bonds

For tickets, resort rooms and Zemomarks, simply head into game and click on your Bonds. Please be aware that Old School Bonds cannot be used for this.

Then, choose the package you desire:

1 RuneFest Ticket | 35 Bonds – All-day use of case
15 Zemomarks | 1 Bond – the same as £3 income
75 Zemomarks | 5 Bonds - equal to £15 pocket money
150 Zemomarks | 10 Bonds - comparable to £30 extra cash
Twin Hotel Room – 2nd October | 55 Bonds - Lodge at the Tower hotel the night before RuneFest
Twin College accommodation – 3rd October | 55 Bonds - Stop at the Tower hotel the night after RuneFest
When this is performed, you'll receive a message confirming your order for your account's registered email address contact info. Then, within 2 business days, we'll post you a code to redeem for the RuneFest ticket site to finalise your order.

If you'd like to use Bonds to cover a direct flight ticket, you will need to email us to organise it. Simply email [email protected] with all the following information:

Edinburgh airport you'll be travelling from
The date you desire to fly towards UK
The date you would like to leave great britain
Then we'll send you an email and let you learn how we can help.

If you might would rather invest in your ticket with real-world currency, hurry to our Eventbrite page – they're selling out fast! £99 as well as a small booking fee gets every body-day having access to the event. There's a lot of travel and accommodation info over for the RuneFest website, too.

RuneFest 2015's usually a cracker. Nevertheless you decide on so, get those tickets now! We can't wait to hold out with you all and teach you what's coming in another year of RuneScape.

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