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How high is your combat level?

A player's, monster's, or NPC's combat level indicates the difficulty in defeating them in combat. In the very early days of Runescape classic, players started out as Level 1 Combat, and then as Level 3 later; but this was changed and now all new players start out at Level 4, with the maximum level for RuneScape being level 200. Everyone who starts playing the game eventually wants to know the exact same thing: the way to boost your Runescape combat level fast. After all, all the best stuff happens when you have the right combat level!

It is possible to wear much better armor, use much better weapons, finish much more elite quests, and get access to far better areas and more runescape gold. Most definitely, you can make a lot more dollars by killing bigger beasts, and killing them faster.

First, higher combat in NPCs does not mean higher Hit Points. Lots of times it reflects higher Defense or ability to do damage to you, so not only are you not performing far more damage, but you might be truly taking additional too. This means additional trips for food or prayer potions, and that's not the way to faster leveling.

Second, tougher monsters take longer to kill, and even if they have much more Hit Points, it may be taking you a great deal longer to do the damage it takes to kill them. What counts isn't the Hit Points per kill, but the Hit Points per hour that you might be performing. After all, you measure the time you play in minutes and hours, and not kill.

When I was on my last few levels prior to maxing out my combat skills, I did many slayer tasks to maintain myself motivated. 1 thing that I did differently from everybody else was to turn within the tasks that would take too lengthy to accomplish. This meant that I never bothered slaying metal dragons, even though there had been some nice potential drops there. I know for a fact that if I had kept all those slower tasks that I would still be waiting to get my very first 99 skill. As it's I have 4 now (you are able to check my character Erikfrombc on the high scores for proof).

So what does this mean for the beginning player? Basically put, start low and work your way up. Whenever I make a new character I start out with chickens and stay there for a whilst. Not only do I get quick levels, but I also get prayer XP for burying bones, feathers that stack and which I can sell for decent cash and far better weapons quickly, and cooking XP from the raw chickens that I can cook within the nearby cooking pot.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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