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I may vote yes is for the return of RC

I may vote yes is for the return of RC, which Jagex has destroyed.

I like it a lot, and I think it is a break from the old grind that RS once was. I like both combat systems. Sitting back and relaxing while afking in Kuradal's Dungeon was fun, and it was easy to talk with friends in the clan chat. I was bored with combat after 99 slayer however, and after EOC, I found that combat was fun again. Although it isn't as afkable as it was previously, hitting 4k's and using an ultimate to kill your enemies was and is still fun. I would like that the old servers to return for the opportunity to try it again.

Also, if the old servers are up again, will FFDN be in action again on the old servers? I think that would be great, may take a while to get 91 however, if Jagex brings back old servers many old players who quit would return. More money for Jagex is going to be good for the game, and allow for more updates. I hope, however, that they don't devote all their efforts in the 2007 game, as I am still looking forward to updates every week on

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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