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Implings Spotted

Implings Spotted

The purpose of this thread is to freely share impling locations.
If you do not wish to share the impling info fully, please do not post here, but instead PM one of the many Hunters who advertise in these forums directly to negotiate.
Please do not use this thread to seek scouts in any manner.
If you spot an impling and would like to share it's location with other players, then please use this thread.
To make it easier for your fellow spotters, it'd be great if you used the following format:
Impling Type:
Here are the guidelines for this thread:
* It's a generous, giving thread and we're trying to keep a nice, helpful vibe. So please don't try to charge players for the info.
* The template is for the catchers to quickly find an impling. It is not required to be used, but it helps.
* The only implings allowed to be posted here are Magpie and above.
* Trust trades are not discouraged, but all trust trades must be discussed in-game, and not here. * If your impling has been caught, please edit your post to indicate this.
Edit: As this thread is in an Old School forum, the title has been edited to remove the redundant words 'Old School'
Please only post implings spotted in the Old School worlds here.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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