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Improved Loyalty Programme and Solomon's Store Merge

Improved Loyalty Programme and Solomon's Store Merge

Loyalty Programme: members only
Solomon's Store: free players and members
Our Members' Loyalty Programme is long due an overhaul, and you'll see just that this month. First up, we're merging Xuan's Loyalty Store with Solomon's General Store. Not only will this keep your cosmetic items in one place and accessible through the Customisation Interface, but you'll also be able to buy many of the items currently available on Solomon's Store with your loyalty points!
You'll also be able to treat yourself to a selection of Loyalty Store items with Runecoins, if you wish, although auras and higher-tier Loyalty Store cosmetics will remain exclusively as loyalty point items.
Useful information about your Loyalty Programme benefits will be available through the newly unified interface, and existing Loyalty Programme cosmetics will get some graphical polish too.
We're also buffing up the number of Loyalty Points awarded each month to our long-standing members, and introducing yearly milestone item rewards, so staying a member will be more rewarding than it's ever been.
Xuan's store will close for a week before this update happens, but we'll keep you well informed in the run-up. Keep an eye on the news for more information!

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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