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Infuse Infinity Boots with Crystals to generate Cerberus Boots in RS 2007

A month ago, the draft of Cerberus boots continues to be unveiled. Now a Jagex mod has announced that they have finished implementing the Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial  boots. It says that three crystals are able to drop from Cerberus, and people can  infuse at least one with Infinity Boots to manufacture a Cerberus boot.

How to create Cerberus Boots while using the current boots?
Hellhound boss Cerberus was announced to produce in September. To fit with Slayer 90  requirement, Cerberus Boots have been requested for quite a long time. Thus far, the  Eternal, Primordial and Pegasian boots happen to be finished on work. They're created  with crystals dropped from Cerberus, as the right picture signifies that.


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