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Knockout reiki has a more definite effect

Knockout reiki has a more definite effect - now increases the chances of hitting the target of the National People's Congress and the lows of life. The amount increase depending on the aura of a line. Rebalancing the Kalphite king, make him more challenging. Many of his attacks, he summoned creatures are more deadly - although it may do more damage, he than before. Upgrade your multicannon to gold or dynasty version to increase its shell capacity is 60 or 90, respectively. Grotworms - maturity and common - now a tougher, more effectively. It can now switch job log interface icon appears after finish college, fight back to the academy of sciences (cas) icon. Choose which kind of log meeting between expression filter, remember now.

If you died, leaving a tombstone, and then quit, now you will be prompted on your tombstone is a different world record. There will be an option to login to this world to check, if your tombstone is still active. This message will appear twice, tombstone login each time, and there will be a one hour later, has given rise to grave. You can d Locke suggest what to do, to win the title of any remaining of the museum's press secretary, in the chat.

This is just what we have done some improvements. You can look at the rest of the today's patch.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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