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Light in the RuneScape finally available

Delay RS gold is now available. You should anticipat a long time, because they announced the release. This is all RS players a great day. Now, put yourself in the game content, read, and then go.

How to start the game? First you need a RuneScape member, then you can send to Eluned Prifddinas get started.

Light scattered inside story will see your elves elders help find and reunite SEREN debris scattered remnants left by the goddess to sacrifice their time to save her faithful.

Cross Gielinor and later went Tarddiad elf homeland. It expects devil puzzles, challenging combat and some really tough choices. Whatever the outcome, you are part of these events will be crucial Gielinor sixth age of the ongoing legend. Complete this epic adventure to unlock some real game-changing rewards, new prayers and spells which makes it possible endgame content dediceted combat support role, as well as a high level of skill of the motivation is the key nearby.

All this is yours to enjoy with fantastic new features, you'll unlock, but it does not stop there. You can also get the return Tarddiad, where you can earn in two forms stunning hybrid style of crystal armor suit: 70 tradable, and 80 untradeable. Of course, since there is XP as long as you complete the task in a wide range of health contribute skills.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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