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Making Runescape gold by fletching

Fletching involves the making of bows and arrows. The products of this skill are primarily used in the Ranged skill. It also provides material with relatively high alchemy prices, so its products are often used to train Magic as well.

I think fletching is one of the easiest skills to level in and one of the easiest to make money in as well for runescape accounts. Most of the materials can be bought and the resulting items can be sold or High Alched for a profit. Until you reach higher levels do not try to sell or alch your finished product. You will not have much luck selling them and if you High Alch them you will lose a lot of money on the runes you use.

For the time being you should just sell the items back to the general store. That is why whenever you look in a busy General Store you will see thousands of Oak and Willow bows both strung and unstrung. Everyone is trying to make a little scratch.

Once you start making yew long bows, magic short bows, and magic long bows you can start to High Alch them. This will not only build up your magic experience, but it will also make you loads of runescape gold. Yew long bows will be alched for 768 gp each. Magic short bows, go for 960 gp and magic long bows will give you 1,536 gp each. You could actually buy all the materials for a magic long bow and still come out ahead after you High Alched it. Magic log 1000 gp, Bowstring 100gp Nature Rune 350 gp. Net profit 86 gp. This is a worse case scenario seeing how you are going to make the Magic Bows yourself with your high Fletching level and not buy all the material yourself.

Arrows are another excellent resource that can make you a lot of money. Rangers are always buying arrows in bulk and will pay to have to go to several different stores or different buyers. Make sure you are selling steel and above only. Rangers will not buy anything lower than that and you will be wasting your time if you try.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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