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National Dress Up Your Pet in RuneScape Clothes Day

"I still think the bunny in the Thieving cape was the cutest I've seenJagex share. (found a photo from it further down these comments too <3) I love bunnies, and he's adorable."

"Stop complaining. You're just one of the individuals who read to much hate comments and thought EOC was bad - That's me too until I actually thought for myself and took and it is fantastic before. Unless you as if it, go forward and quit crying. RuneScape is performing an admirable job."buy runescape gold

" Bed not the culprit it cruel? Is he being hurt? Nah they're a little bit uncomfortable to get a minute while it's being place on. Many animals enjoy clothing. Log off your ignorant high horse."

"Hey Runescape, that is a bronze cast I launched a while back of any Sara sword. Considering more pictures? Its measures are about 12 inches and possesses an accurate straight blade though it's not sharp as a result of it being high copper bronze. So msg me and I'll send some nicer pics. RSN- Regaws"

"He is most likely making double whatever you decide to are and the man works on a game which can be probably pretty fun and you're saying he doesn't have a life because he took 5 minutes to try and do something fun? Really? Do you think you're that ignorant or are you simply a jerk to everyone?"

"Ha thats soo funny u know whats not funny tho banning my account for macroing like ... Seriously ?!? I've just started creating wealth with hunter and since I've got abit more time on my hands u guys have to ban me wow and i also was return strong to 07 haha banning a quantity 78 hunter who had quests done bots dont quest i assumed .. Wow"

Publish Time:Monday, May 18, 2015

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