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The chaotic spear has become created by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes. It requires 80 Attack , and is a fantastic choice if you're looking to adopt down the Corporeal Beast.

There are now ranged and melee counterparts on the arcane necklaces - farsight and brawler's necklaces, respectively.

Realize that the best tier (level 80) of arcane, farsight and brawler's necklaces are now produced by choosing a chaotic remnant from your rewards trader, and combining it which has a Saradomin's Hiss, Saradomin's Murmer or Saradomin's Whisper necklace.

The level 30 and 50 necklaces remain purchased in the rewards trader, as before.

The trader's also stocking three new skill scrolls, each imparting permanent passive perks:

Scroll of Daemonheim: provides you with a 50% possibility to earn 5% extra XP in Dungeoneering while skilling in the Daemonheim dungeon.
Scroll of proficiency: will give you a chance to retain planks with all the Construction skill.
Scroll of dexterity: enables you to retain components while making armour with the Crafting skill.
The brand new gold accumulator, which automatically collects dropped coins. Note that this item is destroyed once the amount collected exceeds 2million coins, and will surge in price whenever you buy replacements, up to 60,000 tokens at the third purchase.

Many existing rewards have received an upgrade, too:

Fans with the hexhunter bow will be pleased to hear that it is stats have been increased, to mirror its power like a two-handed weapon.
Gem bags very easily upgraded support 60 gems, including dragonstone.
The bonecrusher, charming imp and herbicide have become pocket-slot items.buy runescape gold

Publish Time:Friday, May 08, 2015

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