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We're rolling out a brand new batch of rares too, which might be  up for grabs on Treasure Hunter and also the Rare Item Store  out of this weekend on:

    Gold cane: strut your stuff with this two-handed  cosmetic weapon – which modifies your walk animation  when wielded.
    Flaming head: get hot beneath collar using this type of  buy runescape goldhead-slot item, which wreathes the face with flame.
    Sunglasses: stylish eyewear with recolourable  lenses. Clear, dark, mirror shades and many more – 7  colours altogether.
    Leprechaun hat: as worn by everyone's favourite  farming assistants.
    Silver hawk: a glove-and-bird combo – equipped as  a two-handed cosmetic weapon – that accompany a  modified walk animation.
    Imcando pistols: indulge your flintlock fantasies  using these dual beauties. Effectively crossbows, they  fire bolts – but boast a flashy firing effect. They're  usable from level 1, but sometimes re-statted across several  tiers approximately 70.
    Imcando axes: dual melee weapons in the legendary  Imcando smiths. Stats may be switched from 1 around 70.
    Imcando rod while keeping your focus: eldritch artefacts with cool  casting animations. Stats could be altered from 1 around  70.

Publish Time:Friday, March 13, 2015

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