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My clan did a hunger games type event. it absolutely was a lot of fun with the layout. if everyone could just bring almost all their top tier maxed equipment, its dull. but when we did it, you began with nothing, and would collect bronze gear and lobsters. that evened it out a great deal, so someone who was a 140 somethin could last with 180s. basically, if you this, don't allow it to become something where high levels can juggernaut the whole thing and slaughter everyone who doesn't need steel titan, ovlturm, and many types of the lv 90 things.

I think having some updates to Slayer will be good. Especially Co-op. You will discover never fantastic enough top reasons to co-op since it doesn't really present you with things that may help. For example. You could potentially help it become to ensure when you buy; as an example, 100 co-op points, there is the capability to gain another "never assign this creature again" slot but it really only works once, or it could be if you gain a degree of points, it allows you to cancel tasks on the cheap slayer points. Dunno if that is possible, a few ideas that popped into my head. Maintain the truly great work

Items must be removed from the game, its pretty detrimental to the economy since like all "high gear" keeps crashing because there is a lot of of the usb ports amongst players. Time for the Crater/BH-after-Crater it turned out nice want . large amount of items were gone should you died within the wilderness.

Im sure a lot of us did be done with it. Thats why they keep trying to 'improve' the standard of the game. All I must say is 7 years ago after i started playing, there was clearly 10x the amount of players, before these updates that supposedly make the game far better to play.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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