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October 2015 - Behind the Scenes

October is full of strange and beautiful place. They may not be safe, because they seem, however, so you might want to pick up one or two weapons. There Mazcab, threatened Tuska of airut we goebie pursuit, call ancestors. Wherein Gielinor most representative of the city, received graphics overhaul and under siege Black Knights fall Falador invasion. Finally, there is the underworld, where the dead were engulfed in Halloween 2015.

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Call ancestors | novice task
Anyone who is familiar with goebies go Mazcab to their plight: in airut flattened villages, and the rocks are crushed them. Wherever he went, everywhere they look, more death, misery and large, the killer rocks.

During a call ancestors, Askar Kanatah line will be drawn in the sand, and appeal to you to support the defense of his village. But it is something from these humble seeds ambitious growth. Tunks, Parker and lunch - - you'll be joined by three young goebies an eventful trip who will learn to defend themselves, hit each other's tools, and become a hero of the path, on Mazcab secret.

This may be a novice task, but there are puzzles and action scenes, allowing you the edge in your rock. This is the Crazy Frog and twice as funny barrels. Complete ancestor call, we'll give you some kind of cosmetic goebie - coupled with substantial reward those who enjoy liberation Mazcab team.

Falador invasion | Events and graphical rework
For decades, the Black Knight hate white knight for their wealth, resources, and their tendency to bustle in the affairs of others. But the Black Knights have found a weakness: the White Knight, holed up in his castle, I believe they are safe. Two weeks in October, they will prove them wrong once peaceful siege of the city Falador.

For either (or both, if you like), write down their forte, demolition catapult, pop the balloon and take care of the sick and wounded. By doing so, you will get valuable XP, and fill your pockets recognition. In recognition of these cash awards, including XP lights, shaking his head knight mace pets and marshmallows. After the event, we will reveal which party is most supportive.

This is just the half of it. Treasure Hunt will take you through Falador Looking Raddallin legendary banner, while Falador archaeologists have unearthed a mysterious chest in Falador Park. This case requires you to dig out and communities, but what's inside? Well, we do not want to ruin the surprise.

Craftsman workshop will have a useful 50%, XP and 200% of the credit increase, while giant nevus will have dual fell two weeks. All of this lovingly packaged in a graphical rework Falador extra gloss pearl white.

Virtual leveling | Ninja Update

Many of you goal is more than 99 levels in your skills, this is the tool you get time to measure and show off those goals. Progress in the past 99, just a little extra joy - this month, we will publish a virtual leveling, it will be a choice of ways to visually show your level of 120, instead of 99. There is no game benefit of this.

Those who choose the virtual leveling will see other people's lofty levels; those who will not see the other players quit the virtual level. In addition, we will do plastic surgery to change the skills interface for those who want them, to the players to show off their icons select or trim (almost) maxed skills.

Halloween 2015 | Tourism Activities

Gielinor located far below the underworld, never seen alive eyes. It is here Icthlarin guide the dead body across the river and leading to a peaceful afterlife. However, a considerable obstacle has landed Icthlarin way, in the form of his sister's - Amascut. She has a soul flavor, and is more like a funeral bell dinner bell for her.

Icthlarin will urgently need your help. You will take the body across the river portal, where you will jump into rickety boats and collect bridge wayward soul. You will then escort them over the bridge, fighting against the Devourer or divination skills. This is the largest trial here waiting for: Amascut incarnation. Beat her, and the way will be free for the soul to enter the next life - no matter possible.

We will provide a new tombstone, death animation, a special pet, and is conducive to Herblore and Firemaking fans a project sweeten the deal. We will also place a faster and more efficient Ectofuntus into the area so that you can train up contest pray your soul to find between.

Seasons and more pets

October this year, we bring to your lovely pet seasons. Four Seasons official or cape, you'll get small parts while you Skilling, or Hunter. So that they get enough, you will unlock personal sprout pets, and together they form the circulation and sought-after pet season, which varies according to time of year. It is almost too cute - just look at this little blighter!



Publish Time:Saturday, October 10, 2015

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