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National Dress Up Your Pet in RuneScape Clothes Day
"I still think the bunny in the Thieving cape was the cutest Ive seenJagex share. (found a photo from it further down these comments too <3) I love bunnies, and hes adorable.""Stop complaining. Youre just one of the individuals who read to much hate comments and thought EOC was bad...
Publish Time:05/18/2015
The last Elf City Design Document The last Elf City Design Document
Were focusing on the final two clans, the Meilyr and Hefin clains (Dungeoneering/Herblore and Agility/Prayer fans, rejoice!), in addition to some awesome Elvish concept art we think youll love.In addition to being ever, wed love your feedback, on here, and particularly around the forums, so we can e...
Publish Time:05/13/2015
New Gear
The chaotic spear has become created by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes. It requires 80 Attack , and is a fantastic choice if youre looking to adopt down the Corporeal Beast.There are now ranged and melee counterparts on the arcane necklaces - farsight and brawlers necklaces, re...
Publish Time:05/08/2015
New Gear
The chaotic spear is now produced by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes. It takes 80 Attack , and it is a great choice if you are after to take down the Corporeal Beast.Now there are ranged and melee counterparts for the arcane necklaces - farsight and brawlers necklaces, respectiv...
Publish Time:05/05/2015
Whrox is hosting a Battle in the Gods event which has a 250 million GP prize pot, which relies on a 7th and 8th of June.There’s too much info online to take in, so go to their thread for the RuneScape forums.buy runescape goldThe household Unity Network are rear and have absolutely numerous events i...
Publish Time:04/30/2015
At 63 Construction, head to your player-owned house and click on with a ground-floor door to create your aquarium. It spans two levels: a dry room on the outside, along with the aquarium itself beneath. Remember that this update brings a +1 increase towards the maximum rooms offered at a level.The o...
Publish Time:04/21/2015
Treasure Hunter – Dwarven Tools
Dwarven tools are visiting Treasure Hunter! Turbo-charge your training or gathering in Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting basic ingenious implements.From 00:00 UTC on 17th April to 23:59 UTC on 20th April, youll be able to win toolboxes on Treasure Hunter.buy runescape goldSimply click these and youll ...
Publish Time:04/17/2015
Mini-Games Updated
The Barbarian Assault minigame has brought a smaller update today. Whoever has been successfully defeating the vile Penance creatures will be pleased to hear that Commander Connad is actually offering even greater rewards than before for anybody who feels brave enough to risk their points in the hi...
Publish Time:04/14/2015
Treasure Hunter – Pulse Cores
Earn pulse cores on Treasure Hunter this weekend and help your mates with stackable XP buffs.Which is available from 00:00 UTC on 10th April it’s an easy way to suit your needs along with your friends to learn from skilling together.Pulse cores stack with your inventory or your wallet slot, with eac...
Publish Time:04/10/2015
Players to Shape the Game World
Jagex has announced that Runescape 3 has officially launched globally. For the first time, players could have the ability to shape the experience world through the Battle of Lumbridge. RuneScape gold.buy runescape gold The launch of RuneScape 3 marks the beginning of the Battle of Lumbridge, the ...
Publish Time:04/08/2015

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