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what is Treasure Hunter?
Treasure Hunter is usually a minigame – playable from inside RuneScape - where players use Recommendations for claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.buy runescape goldPlaying Treasure Hunter is easy – click on the treasure chest icon that...
Publish Time:04/03/2015
Easter Eggs-periments – Holiday Mini-Quest
The Easter Bunnys back from his travels, however it is all gone terribly wrong while hes been away.Imps have infested the bunnys chocolate factory, and theyre refusing to leave until their leader gets what he wants: the jadinko pet of his dreams.Using your combat, hunting or thieving skills – using ...
Publish Time:03/31/2015
Shark Attack – New Fishing Outfits
The five piece outfit is usually won in three colours – regular, tiger and burnt - and wearing an entire set grants bonuses to Fishing training: +5% catching chance (stacks with the Call of the Sea aura) Eats any fish you catch (is usually toggled) – the many XP without any dropping or bank ru...
Publish Time:03/27/2015
Solomon's Store – Arrav Outfit
Adopt newer and more effective Varrock chic using the Arrav outfit – a gloriously ghoulish tribute towards undead warrior.This five-piece outfit adds a dash of posthumous panache to any wardrobe.buy runescape goldObserve that this outfit enables you to adopt Arravs appearance, which is different ...
Publish Time:03/24/2015
Quest Events
Celebrate RuneScapes quests in style with JMod events happening within the fortnight.buy runescape goldIf you can muster the courage, be sure you head along towards Broken Home mansion on World 23 at 15:00 UTC on Friday 20th March to get familiar with a Broken Home speed-run! Its our first re-playab...
Publish Time:03/20/2015
Runescape : In Game Currency Buys Solution to Runefest
A couple of RuneScape players have got good thing about the "Bond" system amongst players to earn virtual goods to change for sure world items. Both exchanged bonds to advance every percentage of a trip to London along with the annual Runefest celebration, including airfare, pocket mon...
Publish Time:03/17/2015
New Rares
Were rolling out a brand new batch of rares too, which might be up for grabs on Treasure Hunter and also the Rare Item Store out of this weekend on: Gold cane: strut your stuff with this two-handed cosmetic weapon – which modifies your walk animation when wielded. Flaming head: get hot ben...
Publish Time:03/13/2015
Boss Practice Mode
If you need to boss, but dont feel as much as the process as of this time, Practice mode is made for you.Youll have the option of selecting this when making an instance before entering a boss fight.buy runescape goldA Practice mode instance differs from the others at a regular one out of several way...
Publish Time:03/10/2015
Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm
Eyes towards sky last week on Treasure Hunter – there exists a Meteor Storm on!From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 6th March until 23:59 UTC on 9th March, all Treasure Hunter lamps and stars are going to be replaced by meteorites and space dust, respectively.buy runescape goldThese become prismatic lamps ...
Publish Time:03/06/2015
Dimension of Disaster – Members only Quest
On main update this month is our long awaited 200th Quest, sufficient reason for referring a lot of new content that you enjoy.Ever imagined exactly what it would be like if the hero never existed? Bosses have won, cities are bought out since you also just werent there to halt them. In a alternative...
Publish Time:03/02/2015

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