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Runescape : CEO Apologizes for Annoying Ads, More
Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has posted a letter on the Runescape community where he mentions alterations in how the company will communicate with players and apologizes for annoying video ads that played before the game started, for propagating misconceptions concerning the games free version and perceiv...
Publish Time:01/09/2015
Behind the Scenes - January 2015
Boss Pets26 tiny versions of some of the game’s most fearsome creatures? Yes please! It’s the only biggest launch of pets we’ve available outside the Summoning skill launch, however , these bad little ones are considerably more exclusive than usual.Each is rare drop, obtainable by killing their larg...
Publish Time:01/06/2015
Runescape : Development Diary: Dungeon Maps
he latest dev journal from the folks at Runescape examines your time and effort that switches into constructing new dungeons to the game.The brand new type of Development Diaries continues today while using the discharge of another diary: Dungeon Maps.RuneScape gold. Whereas last weeks diary mention...
Publish Time:12/30/2014
Snowboarding & Tirannwn Task Set
50 plus new elf-tastic Tasks are yours to perform throughout Isafdar, the Underground Pass, the Poison Waste and Prifddinas itself.Spanning four difficulty tiers, some are as easy entering Arandar Pass wearing Mourner gear or banking a shark inside the Elf Camp, and others are as tough as reaching w...
Publish Time:12/24/2014
Well of Goodwill - Final Totals
Through the month of November you’ve been showing your charitable side, with 70,000 people chucking Bonds, coins, and items in to the Well of Goodwill.The well closed on 30th November, so are you wanting to hear how much was raised in aid of three awesome charities?Over 512 billion gold was donated ...
Publish Time:12/09/2014
Ardougne & Duel Tournaments Update
A pair of updates happen to be launched in RuneScape.RuneScape gold. The first update, the Ardougne Achievement Diary, set players using a variety of new tasks while they explore Ardougne in ways theyve never done before.The other update brings a number of new changes on the Duel Tournament system. ...
Publish Time:12/05/2014
Dungeons of Daemonheim Now Live
Dungeons of Daemonheim, the most recent expansion to RuneScape, is currently live. Daemonheim incorporates a new skill called Dungeoneering and that is available to both members and free players, and allows players to realize use of Daemonheim castle, that is derived from 35 underground floors.RuneS...
Publish Time:11/27/2014
Runescape : Players & Jagex Come together for Charity
RuneScape players donated over 544 billion in-game currency which is translated to $57479 real world dollars. Also, players donated 7,000 bonds for another $36,359 real world dollars. RuneScape gold. Jages will donate over $90,000 Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, Action For children, Games Aid, Int...
Publish Time:11/21/2014
Trading Cards Emerge Runescape World Announced
Jagex has announced that it will release a brand new trading card game from the Runescape world. Called "Chronicle: RuneScape Legends", the multi-platform title is anticipated to be sold between 2015.Chronicle: RuneScape Legends made its public debut at RuneFest, which occurred on Saturday...
Publish Time:11/14/2014
The Bot-Busters
"Who ya gonna call? BOT Busters!" is the new mantra of the RuneScape team as they tirelessly work to take out scammers, bots, exploiters and other nefarious folk from their game. In his latest article about RuneScape, MMORPG.comsm Tingle reports on what the team revealed about its bot-bust...
Publish Time:11/12/2014

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