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Vis Wax and Many Uses
Vis wax is marvellous stuff, which has a number of unique uses.Click on the vis wax inside your inventory and youll have either three functions:AurasExtend the duration on most auras by 50 or 100%. One extension per cooldown period.The Wisdom and Jack of Trades auras (all tiers) cannot be extended, ...
Publish Time:09/17/2014
Artistic Commentary Live – Fate in the Gods
In this weeks live stream, members of the Art Team will give their commentary more than a playthrough of the spectacular Grandmaster quest Fate on the Gods.Theyll discuss the different areas and NPCs they made for the quest, and showcase concept art, models and unseen graphics.Our JMods is going to ...
Publish Time:09/15/2014
Have a good time!
Its a long way to maxed, consider acquire some stylish threads in route? Get collecting those shards, and present us your thoughts over for the forums.The RuneScape Ninja TeamIn Other NewsWeve designed a quantity of changes towards Wealth Evaluator, so it is now able to more accurately represent you...
Publish Time:09/15/2014
Clan Cup Begins
2014s Clan Cup has begun! Its time for the cream of the clan crop to show what theyre made of, in competitions encompassing all of RuneScape: combat, questing and skilling.With more than 400 entries and rising, this Clan Cups already looking like a doozy. Registration for the three main cups and the...
Publish Time:09/05/2014
Let's talk about the Prifddinas
The mint green along with the green grass is a little odd. Maybe rework the ground or darken the mint green. Not sure but it looks epic.--About time! Now I need to go get a stronger laptop so I can log in without overheating.--Just wondering whose on spell check today because they must have had too ...
Publish Time:09/02/2014
The Golden Gnomes are back!
As always, our community is bursting with talent, and the Golden Gnomes give us a chance to recognise some of your greatest creations, at RuneFest 2014 (note: you dont have to go to RuneFest in order to enter or nominate someone). So, whether you’re an artist, video maker, cosplayer, or a role model...
Publish Time:08/29/2014
"RuneScape" game within the game live fusion Twitch achieve simplification
The case of "RuneScape" has been combined with Twitch live so players do not need to open an external software when you can live during the game. "RuneScape" To celebrate the game with Twitch integration, its maker Jagex game company yesterday also conducted four hours of live ga...
Publish Time:08/27/2014
Barbarian Assault Rework Preview
At long last years RuneFest, PrimalMooses amazing pitch to rework Barbarian Assault was accepted during the Dragons Decide Insider Session.We’ve taken Barbarian Assault, added a different hard mode along with a bunch more awesome rewards, and given the whole thing some polish to take it in keeping w...
Publish Time:08/21/2014
RuneScape Companion App: Grand Exchange
Full Grand Exchange support is currently easily obtainable in the RuneScape Companion App, to help you to purchase and sell items on the run!This feature is open to all players who will be while using new RuneScape Authenticator to help guarantee the security of your items, and also Bank PIN support...
Publish Time:07/11/2014
Character Name Clean-up
We’re updating just how character names work, so anyone can grab that name you’ve had your talent on when you completed Cook’s Assistant and alter your name more often.Members continues to have one free name change per month, and then we’re now promoting a different way to alter your name as often ...
Publish Time:07/08/2014

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