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Breaking In
Heist occurs on maps populated by crowds of NPCs. The goal of the sport with the robbers is to steal bags of loot in the bank and send it back thus to their start point, even though the guards objective should be to stop them.Robbers can visit any NPC on the map to look at their appearance like a d...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Combat Level Calculation-poll
Today a different Dragonstone poll has launched: Combat Level Calculation. We’re asking you which combat level formula you’d choose to be part of a basis to have an updated calculation. This poll covers the whole game and isnt just for a Legacy Mode.Using the Chance to the Players polls plus the Com...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Community Chronicle - 06/02-GameBlast
Welcome to the Community Chronicle! On this edition, we’ll be talking a bit about GameBlast and a fun new competition we’re launching.Well also dive into what’s occurring in the neighborhood in the next two weeks, and appear back at some of the best bits since our last chronicle.Our 24-hour gaming m...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Meet the Holy Mole
The Giant Moles certainly one of RuneScapes most venerable boss monsters. The result of a car accident featuring a slightly suspicious plant-growth potion, the mole lives under Falador Park, terrorising gardener Wyson.The initial change youll notice is definitely an altogether more obvious entrance ...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
The Legacy Mode and Combat Improvements
The Legacy Mode poll has generated a great deal of interest and discussion about bringing back old combat gameplay, and also the excitement continues concerning the EoC improvements in testing about the beta servers.If you missed it, Mod Pips has made a forum post to give more information on our int...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Find out more about us
Here you can see somebodysuggestions about the game so that you can know more about it. you will have more fun in the game!Im a fan of EoC but Im glad to see youre making it more accommodating to those who dont. If I had to make a suggestion for the game overall though,player in-game mail! You can f...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Update of Social Slayer
There are some new rewards for social slayers . Pairing up with a buddy on a slayer trip to earn some co-op points is more favorable and rewarding than ever. Take a look at the Social Slayer tab in the Slayer Rewards Store for ways to spend your points.You can unlock the ability to share teleports f...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
The Wolf Pack Returns back
Hati and Sk?ll - the winter wolves of Fremennik legend - are back from Thursday the 16th of January, bringing bonus XP aplenty for those who can defeat them, as well as new valkyrie-themed cosmetic overrides.New this year is the appearance of Eir: a valkyrie preparing herself for the End of Things, ...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Sk?ll is a bit more elusive
Sk?ll is a bit more elusive, and should be lured with the addition of logs towards the bonfire directly west of Rellekkas entrance. Note that any logs will work, and theres no benefits of using high-level ones.Once 120 are actually added (in one payemnt, by all players on that world), Sk?ll will app...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
RuneScape's 13th Birthday!
Its RuneScapes 13th birthday tomorrow, is actually power within reach of the members and tonnes of latest content right on the horizon, its certainly a milestone to celebrate.To celebrate the 13 a lot of slaying, skilling and socialising that contain come until now, we want to hear your fondest Rune...
Publish Time:05/26/2014

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