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what are your better and the majority memorable moments
Why not let us know what your better and the majority memorable moments were in 2013? Discuss them here.Although it’s been a fantastic year, I do believe we are able to only still improve if we reflect on a number of the things we didn’t get quite right. We’re as human because the rest of you, so we...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
The Wizards' Banquet
Nothing gets a wizard excited being a belt-busting banquet, and Gielinors masters of magic are eagerly awaiting their dinner from the north-west in the crater.Go and speak to those to uncover their orders, then head south for the long table to pick up the food. Then elect to serve them their request...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
The next destination is going to be Draynor Village
Your next destination will probably be Draynor Village that you may wish to find Aggie who teleports you to definitely another location. She too will need some assistance before shes willing to help you. Your quest will be to create four triangles by removing lines of sand; fairly sel-explanatory an...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
the runescape players' longest online time
A player whoes online time to play runescape is the longest Legend of a player, from 2002 to now, login 3 hours every day, and total length of 15000 hours, to become "the legend" the total online time most of the players.Shanda felt very happy.Almost approaching world record... Online time...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
The Premier Club Returns
Its back! RuneScapes illustrious membership club has returned with new rewards for the upcoming year. 2014 boasts epic new quests, the brand-new Invention skill and more massive in-game events. All this is just a glimpse of what RuneScape has in store for members in the upcoming year. You really don...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
do you know the Well of Goodwill
With just under a week remaining until the current Well of Goodwill charity drive closes, its time to dig deep and go for one final push. The response from the RuneScape community has been incredible, and we want to thank each and every one of you who has donated so far. With over 330 billion gold d...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Usability Updates
You can now drag and drop items between the inventory and the beast of burden interface, Grand Exchange and your worn equipment.Food burned while cooking in Daemonheim now stacks.Its now possible to toggle off the quick inventory slots.Removing all items that youre wearing via the icon in your bank ...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Fan Sites for runescape
RuneScape fan sites are fountains of information and things to do! Here’s a selection of some of the content you can enjoy from them this week: Tip.itDo you have a knack for creative writing? Have you always wanted to have your talents shown to the world? Do you want free RuneScape membership? If yo...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Disorders contain
Disorders contain, but aren’t confined to: scoliosis, club feet, trendy complications, get plus left arm challenges, limblength variances, bowed hip and legs, can burn, back injury, cleft leading and cleft palate, for example. Shriners Clinics for kids is really a medical program of 22 nursing homes...
Publish Time:05/26/2014
Runescape is not dying
Currently, RuneScape has 522k, active subscribers (not counting f2p). Many say that this number is low, but lets put that into perspective.Everquest, which was the most successful MMO of its time, peaked at 550k subscribers. Back in early 2004, that was considered a huge playerbase for a subscriptio...
Publish Time:05/26/2014

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