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Choose Your Fate
Choose Your Fate With the arrival of October we see the next stage of rewards for the Sizzling Summer event. Players that had an active subscription throughout September will today be receiving a promissory note upon login; this item will give them a whopping 350,000 XP to spend in the skills of the...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
RuneScape Becomes the Annual Keyword
A large-scale online multiplayer role named "RuneScape" games are popular in North America.It had been the most hot annual keyword online. It is a real online game and you need to register for the free or paid membership.Each role is a real person. Medieval itinerant, you can choose to do ...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Your RS3 Questions Answered
Last week, we asked for your burning RuneScape 3 questions for todays Behind the Scenes video. We collected as many as we could squeeze into the vid and put them directly to Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod Conor:you can see the vedio in www.runescape.comIf your question didnt make it into the video, not ...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
the plan of Jagex
Today, Jagex is planning to make RuneScape jump to another spring: how to make one of the biggest competitive advantage is the product of historical accumulation for a long time with new attitude into the market in the new period? Jagexs response was to abandon her name - the foundation of Java, wit...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Roddeck in runescape
Good old Roddeck is always on hand to give advice to new and seasoned players of RuneScape. It’s worth listening to his advice – he can be found in his house on the east side of Lumbridge, or you can call on him instantly by pressing the advisor button (a question mark) at the top-right of your game...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Some update about Quests
Some update about Quests, Challenges & Achievements and Graphical (HTML5)Castle Wars flags and ballistas no longer float above the ground. The appearance of water in the Crucible has been fixed. The snow in Ardougne zoo is no longer blue. The bridge in Ardougne Zoo has been fixed. Some occurrenc...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
The Nexus of runescape
Theres something unspeakable brewing beneath Lumbridge Swamp, and the druid Ysondria needs your help to send it back to the pit from whence it came! The Nexus is a new training method for the Prayer skill, aimed at low-level players, where youll channel your inner strength to push back a foul horror...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Summoning Powerleveling skills for runescape
Jagex have given permission to Power train summoning, but dont get to excited you need to be level 74 and relatively wealthy, you are looking at about 50k xp per 10 minutes (Could be quicker never timed it) 300k xp per hour. The secret is to have 5kg blocks of granite, currently just under 3k per bl...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Have you been cheated in Runescape?
If you might have been fascinating using the game of Runescape or you really are a admirer of Runescape, then you are susceptible to almost certainly be need to own some information about the Runescape action online, I believe that your lot of the players are need to make their consideration or thei...
Publish Time:05/23/2014
Getting services in stores
According to a research, many in the Runescape game fanatics are youngsters and a number of them have no adequate cash to own the Runescape goods. So if they are interested in getting some products in the Runescape, then they are going to find methods to own the cash and pay out for it. Some in the ...
Publish Time:05/23/2014

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