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RS Falador invasion

RS Gold will continue to update the new game content in this week. The Black Knight launched Kinshra all out assault on Falafor white knight. In the next two weeks, you can join them and get some unique rewards.

It does not require a player to enter the game. Just visit Falador, in the provision of activities. Since two weeks, two commands Warriors will go head-to-head Falador streets. Pitch, pick up some unique rewards, and immersed in the city's reworked graphical glory. Also increase the spoils from the giant nevus, artisan workshops and larger gains XP and respect.

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Falador When you arrive, you'll find it in turmoil: Conflict Knight duel champion, a powerful war machine, wounded soldiers ...... from the party's Pete, who wants everyone to get along, occasionally balloon drop. Invasion will continue two weeks, at this time, you can participate in a variety of ways. You can help or hinder anyone you choose, at any time. They will announce the winning side, once the two weeks are up.

To start the game, just visit Falador and get trapped in that you can perform any of the following activities, earn XP: playing the White Knight, Black Knight or dueling champion; sabotage capapults; heal wounded soldiers.

The implementation of these actions or balloon poping produce Falador recognition. These stackable currency units can be supplied by one hundred into the cache, which yield XP lamp, resources package, sometimes unique rewards. These include cosmetics banner fragments, shaking his head pet and so on.

The activities undertaken in this city, you will inevitably pick up some of the lost research notes, this is the first step in a city of rich lore miniquest of. In addition, several city attractions are more pillars duration valuable event.


Publish Time:Monday, October 26, 2015

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