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RuneScape players in gallery

The Goebie planet now, you have your last chance to submit your work to the latest gold RuneScape athletes compete in the gallery. The topic this time is the Goebie planet, a new world. Enter and win signed a similar concept art, bonds and Runecoins prizes.

Here are the details of the information.
A new world opened up Gielinor players. The Goebies are peace-loving race to find a hero. Mazcab is a city that has felt the wrath of Tuska, but has not been destroyed her. The Airut followers took over the world which was once known as Chantli of Goebie planet.

As part of the game, they want you to explore Mazcab world, a portion of your favorite city their creation.

Image provided You can Mazcab be let your creativity flow, and provide you think is your favorite part of the city look like if it still Chantli image. How do you think the game Goebies life and decorate your own city? You will see what color? What kind of nature on this land?

There are so many activities in the city. The cemetery is full of knowledge. The NemiForest full of mystery and wonder. The area is full of small Kanatan and Otot games and tasks.

Please note that your creation must be based on current topics related to art in RuneScape. It is your own work of art, a maximum capacity of 2MB, accepts JPG, PNG, GIF. Your entry must be submitted before the deadline.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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