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Runescape : CEO Apologizes for Annoying Ads, More

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has posted a letter on the Runescape community where he mentions alterations in how the company will communicate with players and apologizes for annoying video ads that played before the game started, for propagating misconceptions concerning the game's free version and perceived kid focus.

Hi Everyone,
Let me introduce myself for you all. My name is Mark Gerhard and that i am the newest CEO of Jagex, the manufacturers of RuneScape. For a nice and lucky enough to get have worked at Jagex for some time now and consider us to get to start with a games developer. We're driven by teams that only care passionately about games but additionally actively enjoy playing the games we create. We can be making several improvements on the game, I'm also keen to clear up a number of misconceptions about RuneScape concurrently and that i also believe here are a few things we have now done wrong in past times i need to apologise for.

To begin with, you should are more open and focus on our players. A number of you may consider Jagex a secretive and closed-off company which isn't how you want to be perceived continuing to move forward. Unlike almost every other companies, it simply isn't our style to waste our time self marketing or shouting precisely great were, we would rather just get on it and earn cool games,buy runescape goldbut i am not saying we don't tune in to that which you have to say.

Publish Time:Friday, January 09, 2015

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