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Runescape of the Dungeon of Death Part Two

Let's follow Instcres to north of Runescape Gold. In the north, Instcres incredibly found a small village, and a large fields nearby. Village almost intact, the nearby has a crude barracks, it seems to be composed of farmers. He found a literature in the army , record the Battle at Yinake. In the literature he learned from that Yinake was the largest dragon city with RS Gold, residents' main is a dragon demons. Go back to the east, he saw the ruins of the city and the walls which gate was broken into Cheap RS Gold, to and the wall to write Yinake. A little to south, is a broken military camp, but from the legacy of equipment and the remains of the camp to see, is a professional army barracks. There he found the more detailed about Battle at Yinake.

Let's see Gunkoki. South city seems to be ruled by human, but complete city remains is not much, seems to be experienced very big campaign. After mining, there are a lot of human bones, but the fashion items are very advanced in the second Runescape age. These are confirmed the guess of Gunkoki .Then, at Lifeisnow. she view that camp in, according to the left of literature, found that was not a military camp, was the gather palace ofhuman and dragon who like peace, is the center of negotiations between the two sides, too. There the literature of the left more, recorded in the campaign has "Battle at Yinake","Battle at Kerukes" , etc. She found that the place that the establishment of the dragon's cities there are "Ke" word in the north of mainland to Buy RS Gold.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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