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Shark Attack – New Fishing Outfits

The five piece outfit is usually won in three colours – regular, tiger and burnt - and wearing an entire set grants bonuses to Fishing training:

    +5% catching chance (stacks with the Call of the Sea aura)
    Eats any fish you catch (is usually toggled) – the many XP without any dropping or bank running
    Creatures inside the Ariocarpus fissuratus Caverns will end up non-aggressive in your direction
    If you own the fishing outfit, the shark outfit will impart its bonuses alsobuy runescape gold

Combine the bits of the three outfits to produce the fury shark outfit. This has all the great things about the other shark outfits, and:

    An increased catching chance bonus: +7% in one payemnt
    10% opportunity to catch a supplementary fish
    Possiblity to save bait while fishing
    Could be switched between the shark outfit colours

Publish Time:Friday, March 27, 2015

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