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Sk?ll is a bit more elusive

Sk?ll is a bit more elusive, and should be lured with the addition of logs towards the bonfire directly west of Rellekka's entrance. Note that any logs will work, and there's no benefits of using high-level ones.

Once 120 are actually added (in one payemnt, by all players on that world), Sk?ll will appear. Again, you might need assistance to defeat him, but anyone who plays a part in the fireplace or fight will likely be qualified to receive drops upon Sk?ll's death.

Sk?ll can drop Sk?ll boots, which might be clicked to claim bonus Agility or Woodcutting XP. He may also drop a cosmetic amulet, if you don't currently have it.

Take note: in the event you might have bonus XP unclaimed on your Hati paws or Sk?ll boots, make sure you click on the item and add the bonus XP to your total before you decide to complete the event this holiday season - it's going to be lost otherwise.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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