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Slayer Belt – RuneLabs Update

What's within the Belt?

These products can now be added straight away to the tool belt:

Rock hammer
Slayer bell
Crystal chime (either version)
Ouroboros pouch (unlimited once added)
Observe that slayer stuff should be wielded or equipped are not added to the tool belt.

There are several new circumstances to obtain, which act as replacements for your consumable slayer items. You can include these to the tool belt and use them indefinitely, with no need to recharge or refill:

Salt bag: buy a saltshaker from any slayer master.
Icy water: buy an ice shaker from any slayer master.
Fungicide: get a fungicide shaker from any slayer master.
Fishing explosive: buy an explosive shaker from any slayer master.
Super fishing explosive: obtain a super explosive flask from any slayer master, then fill it with 100 rubium ore.

Publish Time:Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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