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Summoning Powerleveling skills for runescape

Jagex have given permission to Power train summoning, but don't get to excited you need to be level 74 and relatively wealthy, you are looking at about 50k xp per 10 minutes (Could be quicker never timed it) 300k xp per hour.

The secret is to have 5kg blocks of granite, currently just under 3k per block and dropping daily, kit yourself up with crimson charms, pouches, shards, a chisel and tele runes if flying and 20 or so blocks of 5 Kg granite.

Tele or walk to the obelsik and use the chisel on the granite to make smaller blocks, you get a mixture of 2kg and 500g blocks, if you have room cut some 2k blocks as well, click on the obelisk and make some granite lobsters

At this stage I put some granite lobster pouches in my spirit terror bird for safe keeping, you can do this or use the next stage and use a granite pouch on the obelisk, you can click the obelisk if you want and select make scrolls but its quicker to use the pouch on it, turn all your pouches into scrolls, you then have a clear inventory to cut your granite again and repeat making pouches and then scrolls

I went there today with a load of granite and on one trip made 50k summoning xp, I also gained a level, 82 summoning now.

Publish Time:Friday, May 23, 2014

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