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The Fourth Door

Fourth Door ( fourth door )
The fourth door do need a rope , do not forget to bring a ( I just forgot , the result is very angry funeral ) .

1 after the end of the third door , back to the second floor where the collector Note: Do not do to pull that lever , then full power to do otherwise abandoned , and the third door did have to re- live it again if you do ! . After taking the whole thing did not last , and now you can come up in the collector whole , if the last full take over, directly do next .

2 Continue from the second floor and the stairs in the middle of that pillar collector starts the pillar has a mirror , fired white north, so do not be manipulated . North go to the next pillar, the pillar does not need to operate . Then west go to the next pillar, previously put in place to remove the blue diamond , put yellow diamond .

3 The third door is now open with the same time , it needs to go to the third floor of the northwest corner from the place where the yellow diamond pillar has come to head south on the ladder to three, in the middle came from three two steps there, go down the stairs from the south , went to the second floor of the lounge , and then go up the steps from the lounge to the three north , to the northwest through a narrow channel , will be able to triple the northwest corner .

4 this time , the rotation of the mirror in the northwest corner pillar , so that the red light toward the south.

5 red south along came the southwest corner of the pillar, the insertion of a mirror, adjust the angle , so that the red down due to the downward red is invisible, so be careful when adjusting the angle , ensuring mirror top ( long side ) north , at the bottom ( short side ) facing south.

6 now need to return to the second floor , as if no need to backtrack . Directly go east from the southwest corner of the three to reach a ladder ( the southernmost wall of a total of only one ladder, you should not miss , or that there are embedded in the wall of a nearby ladder steps, can go on ) . Okay, back to the second floor, now you should go west to the next pillar, then go north a little off , here you can see a battlement parapet , you turn over from the low wall ( from the southwest corner of this place very close ) , which is a closed area , there is a black hole on the ground , next to some of the stones . put your rope with a stone , you can climb down the .

7 and finally to the bottom, go northwest corner , where you have put a set of red green door opened. Ransacked ran into the box , and finally get a sapphire.

Publish Time:Monday, June 09, 2014

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