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The Golden Gnomes are back!

As always, our community is bursting with talent, and the Golden Gnomes give us a chance to recognise some of your greatest creations, at RuneFest 2014 (note: you don't have to go to RuneFest in order to enter or nominate someone).

So, whether you’re an artist, video maker, cosplayer, or a role model for the community, there’s a Golden Gnome out there waiting for you.

Look how awesome they look.

Find out more about which competitions we're running this year.Which RuneScape award would you give yourself?

we can't give exact times/dates, but we'll give a 24-hour warning before every name release on the homepage. So keep an eye out! They tend to be weekly, but aren't always.-Thanks for answering. You guys are the only mmo that actually replies to its users. Much respect!

 "Most Inefficient Player" - 10-Year Cape, some 4 months playtime- only 150m total xp . Exactly u did something to get banned. Stop whiming about it. Just next be a good rs player n don't break rs rules.We've heard your sob story before from countless people who thought they were better. Lol

If you would have read the terms and conditions to the game before you started it states, that they can terminate your account at anytime for any reason so if you were smart you would have kept a second account with half your wealth or had a skiller. Now stop complaining starg over new and dont mess up this time.

I made this using Photoshop CS6. I know it isn't that good but since I'm a beginner, I think I did good. Plus, QBD is my favorite boss in game.

Oh my people Worship your lord Allah. I fear for you the punishment of the hereafter so believe in your lord that you may be saved.

How about awarding me a golden gnome or just a coupla gp for becoming lvl 120 dungeoneering by only doing small dungeons?  Why did you have to update the High Alchemy&Superheating Animations? The High Alchemy is extremly inefficient.Atleast,let some Players to Purchase the old Animation if they want to.

Publish Time:Friday, August 29, 2014

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