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The last Elf City Design Document The last Elf City Design Document

We're focusing on the final two clans, the Meilyr and Hefin clains (Dungeoneering/Herblore and Agility/Prayer fans, rejoice!), in addition to some awesome Elvish concept art we think you'll love.

In addition to being ever, we'd love your feedback, on here, and particularly around the forums, so we can easily make Elf City the way in which You need it!

so, whatever,let's check out exactly what the fans said concerning this.

I wouldn't this way document sorry. I'm hoping our feedback will be considered about the forums, and changes made, when they were in the documents.

 I want to know why chickens are just like best xp till like lvl 40 or 50 in each combat skill. On Free to play. Bones are 500 gp each.... feathers forces you to another 200k one hour. So perhaps 400k-500k 1 hour on chickens. 32 xp per death. Whereas harder creatures are barely much better.

Among the finest to know why the bingo has been created very easy. Thats all. Its not the chicken thing. Every thing has been adapted easier.When it comes to XP yield its actually Deadly Red Spiders. Chickens are only a safe moneymaker for F2P, though not the top efficiency time-wise.

Publish Time:Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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